Castle Park

Although the park, just behind the castle, was never completed, its originally planned dimension can well be guessed. Augustus the Strong had planned the garden according to the French floor plan model, but died before completion. His great-grandson, Augustus III also planned monumental reconstruction, which, however, was never implemented. The Seven-Years’ War masde further modifications impossible. Only in the 19th century, the castle gardens developed into a romantic park. After the Second World War, the park remained ignored, numerous spruces were felled.

In 1990, the Free State, jointly with the State Office of Monumental Preservation, began to reconstruct the park. Basis for this was a design from 1740. The U-shaped ground plan had an area of about 230 by 150 meters then. To date, the reconstruction is still in progress.

Visitor Regulations for the Castle Park

Dear visitor,The ensemble of Moritzburg Castle and the Little Pheasant Castle is a monument of architectural and landscaping art. In order to preserve the estate for future visitors, please note the following:The park is open daily from 6:00 am until dusk. Entering the estate is at one’s own risk. Liability for damages is precluded to the legally permissible extent. Paths that have not been cleared from snow or gritted are not upen to the public. Parents are held liable for their children.

It is generally not permitted:

  • to drive motor-powered vehicles (motorcycles included) on the paths without special permission
  • to damage installations, buildings, other park facilities or plants or to remove from their locations or contaminate them
  • to climb on sculptures, balustrades, fountains or horticultural grounds
  • to step on green areas, to rest or to have picnics there
  • to use open fire, especially for barbecueing, or to ignite fireworks without any written permission by the owner
  • to play ball or sports games, to ride, to swim, to catch fish, to sleigh or ski on the estate
  • to play music or to operate sound machines
  • to set up billboards, posters or signs, to place or distribute flyers, leaflets advertising material or other printed matter there
  • to do commercial business or trading
  • to shoot films or take photographs for commercial purposes
  • to feed the game and other wildlife animals without any written permission

Please note the following:

  • Push bicycles.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash. Dog droppings and any waste must be disposed of in the waste bin provided.
  • Iced-over water surfaces must not be stepped or driven on.
  • In the interest of all visitors, please follow the instructions by the park authority and staff of the Moritzburg Castle operation.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

Special guided tours of the castle park

Those who would like to know more about that part of the castle property, has a chance to do so within the scope of a guided landscape tour.On request, we can also offer you a one-to-three-hour special guided tour of the cultural landscape of Moritzburg. We will, jointly with you, agree on an individual route.