Baroque Exhibition

Precious leather tapestries adorn the halls;  The Porcelain Quarter and hunting trophies are testimony to the two passions of Elector Augustus I of Saxony – the permanent exhibition during the summer at Moritzburg Castle carries you away to the splendid backdrop of royal inmdulgences. The special highlight – apart from the Stone and Dining Hall – is the Feather Room with its unique wall decoration of feathers.

The Moritzburg Feather Room

The Feather Room is one of its kind worldwide. No wonder that there are many legends to this piece of masterly craftsmanship. So, for example, it is said to have been the throne of a Mexican king or part of Indian household equipment. And, for its manufacture, generation of American Indian slaves may have made the piece of art from millions of South-American birds’ feathers. Eventually, Augustus the Strong brought it home to Moritzburg as prize he had won in bullfighting. But how much truth is actually in all these stories?


The Leather Tapestries

Moritzburg Castle is home to the largest inventory of Baroque leather tapestries. Out of a total of 60 rooms, there are 11 rooms after all, where the leather tapestries have been preserved. The depictions are currently being restored millimeter by millimeter in a major restoration project. The depictions show scenes of Greek mythology. Diana, the Goddess of Hunting, is at the center of attention.



The Collection of Hunting Trophies

As early as in the 16th century, Moritzburg was a popular place among the Saxon ruling dynasty for excessive hunting. Hence, it hardly takes wonder that Moritzburg Castle ihas become to one of the world’s most important hunting trophy collections. Apart from the legendary 66-point red deer antlers, the uncountable number of trophies also include the antlers of an extinct giant red deer.



A forester, three princes, forty-three boxes

In January 2016, a legend returned to its fateful place: parts of the one lost Wettin treasure. They also include numerous silver pieces of tableware from the former court silver chamber.

Up close you can admire the precious pieces of the sensational find of 1996. An accompanying documentary tells the story of the legendary treasure: from its former use at court to the turmoil of war in which the treasure disappeared to its spectacular discovery, auction and return to Moritzburg. An experience that literally gilds the Moritzburg castle visit!


Moritzburg Castle

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