Moritzburg Castle

A Fairy-tale Castle and its Treasures

Moritzburg Castle is arguably the prettiest moated castle in Saxony. It was named after Duke Maurice, who had a hunting lodge built for himself near Dresden in 1542. From 1723, Augustus the Strong converted it into a magnificent baroque castle in the middle of a large pond and park. The project was directed by Matthaeus Poeppelmann. Some of the treasures to be discovered at Moritzburg Castle include one of the most important collections of hunting trophies in Europe, ornate gilt leather tapestries and the »Feather Room« with over a million colored feathers. Every winter, Moritzburg Castle transforms into a fairy-tale pearl when the grounds become the magical setting of the legendary film »Three Wishes for Cinderella«. Fans can explore the set and walk in the footsteps of the cheeky princess.