The winter exhibition inspired by the cult film

As winter falls, Cinderella lights up Moritzburg Castle. In the German-Czech film adaptation from 1973, she continues to touch audiences to this day with her confident and witty ways. The winter exhibition at the original film location in Moritzburg will reveal background stories about the film and the history of the fairy tale. The magic of the film is conveyed through lovingly reproduced film scenes, original costumes and multi-media productions. One of the most exciting props on display will be the original saddle on which Cinderella rode to her prince in the film. You will also be able to see the royal gala carriage in which the king and queen traveled through Moritzburg’s winter landscape. The information boards are in german and czech language.

The film »Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella«

»The cheeks blackened with soot, but it's not the chimney sweep. A fine little cap adorned with feathers, crossbow over the shoulder, but it's not the huntsman. Dressed in a silver-woven gown with train and off she goes to the ball, but it`s not a princess.«. A young prince has to solve three riddles before he can wrap his arms around his chosen bride. Three is the magic number in all fairy tales – and the key to Cinderella’s happiness is slumbering behind three transformations.

Aschenbrödel auf ihrem Pferd in in Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel
Cinderella (Libuše Šafránková) secretly watches the prince's hunt.
Böse Stiefmutter in Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel
Cinderella's stepmother looks skeptically at the three hazelnuts she has brought along.
König und Königin in Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel
The king (Rolf Hoppe) and the queen (Karin Lesch) consult about the prince's wedding.

The first encounter with the prince

Loosely based on the fairy tale »Cinderella«, screenwriter František Pavlíček tells the story of an orphan who lives on a large estate with her stepmother and her stepsister Dora.

While her stepmother and her servants await the arrival of the king, who is looking for a bride for the prince, Cinderella rides her horse into the forest. There she meets the prince and his friends for the first time.

At the ball

As in the original fairy tale, Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsister are invited to the king’s ball. While they get everything ready for the grand occasion, they send the coachman Vincek to fetch some fine fabrics. He promises to bring Cinderella a gift of her own: »whatever hits him on the nose«. This turns out to be a branch with three hazelnuts. 

The magic power of the nuts

The first nut opens to reveal a hunter’s outfit. Disguised as a huntsman, she comes across the prince’s hunting party in the woods and is soon lauded as the king of the hunt. The second nut opens to reveal a ball gown, which she slips into before heading to the king’s ball. The prince is enchanted by the girl’s beauty and asks for her hand. However, the prince first has to solve the three riddles.

The riddle initially remains unsolved and Cinderella scurries out of the ballroom. In the commotion, she loses her shoe and the prince finds it. He vows to marry the girl who fits the shoe and follows Cinderella to the estate.

The search for the bride

Dora appears in Cinderella’s ball gown… but she doesn’t want to try on the shoe. As the step-mother and Dora flee indignantly, the prince runs after them and discovers that they were trying to hoodwink him. The prince is crestfallen as he returns to the estate. Cinderella is waiting for him there in a wedding dress – the last secret to be revealed by the three hazelnuts.

And they lived happily ever after ...

The prince manages to solve the three riddles and receives the heroine’s hand in marriage.