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Close to Dresden, there is the unique Cultural Landscape of Moritzburg with Moritzburg Castle and the Little Pheasant Castle at its heart.  Moritzburg has become famous for its horse breeding and carp farming as well as through the activities of artist Kaethe Kollwitz. In winter 1972/1973, the Baroque castle was the festive backdrop for »Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella« – one of the most popular German fairy-tale movies.

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel

From November 7, 2015, the exhibition on the popular German-Czech winter fairytale is back at Moritzburg Castle.

The original movie location invites you to discover one of the most beautiful winter fairytales of all time, to take a stroll down memory lane, or just to marvel at your favorite movie character. 

Providing lots of additional offers, the newly revised exhibition will leave you wide-eyed with wonder.   

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Cultural Landscape of Moritzburgenlarge view

The Baroque castle compound surrounded by a pond attracts thousands of visitors every year. In the 18th century, it served Saxony’s Elector Frederick Augustus I, also known as Augustus the Strong, as a hunting lodge and a magnificent backdrop for royal delights. A round walk of the castle in summer provides insight into the life at court then...

» A Fairy-tale Castle and its Treasures

Fasanenschlösschen im Frühlingenlarge view

Little Pheasant Castle is only a few minutes’ drive or a romantic walk away from the Baroque castle. On just 12m square, this enchanting Rococo palace offers sufficient space for holding court en miniature and is hence also called »Paradise in a Nutshell«. It can be discovered daily at 11:00 am from May through October by taking part in guided tours. Booking is recommended especially at weekends and on public holidays at: Phone +49 (0) 35207 873-18.

» Moritzburg Little Pheasant Castle

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