Duke Maurice of Saxony had a hunting lodge built in the Renaissance style on a granite dome in the rich wildlife Friedewald in 1542 . Soon the castle, which later got his name, was the center of the Saxon hunting party. The Château Chapel was built in 1661 under the leadership of Elector Johann Georg II. and consecrated Catholic during the coronation of Augustus the Strong to the King of Poland. To this day regular services are held in the chapel.

But Elector Augustus the Strong had other plans with Moritzburg Castle. 1723 began the large renovation work from Renaissance to Baroque hunting and pleasure palace. Here the elector wanted to celebrate his licentious feasts and hunts. His dream was to build a "Temple of Diana", surrounded by exotic animal enclosures with lions, cheetahs and bisons. Opulent banquets or staged naval battles on the castle pond belong also to this. With the Project the architect Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann was commissioned. He let new ponds and vivarium create - the Fasanerie in the east of the castle testifies to the fact. The best Saxon craftsmen and artists collaborated on the interiors of the seven halls and over 200 rooms. The total work of art is of great structural clarity and scenic harmony. After the death of Augustus the Strong the conversion remained unfinished.

Only in 1800 the area of the castle was further integrated into the landscape by a grandson of the electors. It emerged the Fasanenschlösschen, the harbor and the lighthouse pier at Low Großteich Bärnsdorf. From 1933 Moritzburg Castle was used as a residence of the Wettin Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony until 1945, when the Wettiner were expropriated. Some of their most precious artistic treasures have Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony and his sons buried in the palace garden, but with a few exceptions, these have been found and removed by Soviet troops. Only in 1996 several boxes were identified with jeweled gold work of amateur archaeologists and assigned to the Wettiner treasure. Today Moritzburg is a renowned meeting place for lovers of Saxon Baroque and Meissen porcelain.


Moritzburg Castle

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