Castle Park

Although the park, just behind the castle, never was completed, adumbrate well the originally planned dimension. August the Strong planned the garden according to the French plan schema, but he died before the completion. The great-grandson of August III. also planned a monumental reconstruction, which was not implemented. Through the 7-year war more modifications have been prevented. Only in the 19th century, the castle gardens developed into a romantic park. After the Second World War the park was ignored, numerous pines were felled.

1990 the Free State began with the State Conservation Office to reconstruct the park. Basis for this is a design from the year 1740. The U-shaped ground plan had an area of about 230 by 150 meters. To date, the reconstruction is still in progress.

Park Regulations to Castle Park

Dear visitors,

the ensemble Moritzburg Castle and Little Pheasant Castle is a monument of DIY and garden art. In order to preserve the system and future visitors, please note the following information:

The park is open daily from 6:00 am until dusk. Entering the system at your own risk. The liability for damages is excluded as permitted by law. Not cleared or not scattered paths are not released to the public. Parents are responsible for their children.

It is not permitted:
• the way of motor vehicles (motorcycles included) without prior permission to drive
• the installations, buildings, other park facilities and plants to damage, to remove from their locations or contaminating
• climbing sculptures, balustrades, fountains or horticultural plants
• the green areas to enter, store it, or to have a picnic
• naked flames to use to grill in particular, or to ignite fireworks without written permission of the owner
• to operate the plant ball or sports games, ride, to swim, to fish for sledding or skiing
• to make music or to operate reproducers
• billboards set up to attach posters or signs, store flyers, pamphlets, leaflets or other printed matter or distribute
• industrial or commercial matters to drift
• for commercial purposes to film or photograph
• to feed the wild animals without written permission

Please note the following:
• Bicycles are to push.
• Dogs must be kept on a leash. Dog excrement and waste must be disposed of in the established waste.
• The water areas may not be entered and navigate in ice.
• We ask in the interest of all visitors to follow the instructions of the park authority and the staff of the castle Moritzburg operation and wish you a pleasant stay.

Special guided tours through the park

Those who want to learn more about this part of the castle grounds, has the opportunity in the context of a landscape management.

On request we also offer a 1- to 3-hour special guided tour through the Moritzburger cultural landscape. Together we agree the individual route with you.