Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella

When the cold season sets in, Cinderella conquers the castle. She is touching in that German-Czech movie of 1973 in her self-confident, smart way. As the original film-shooting location, the Moritzburg fairy-tale castle tells visitors stories about the background of the making of the movie and its plot in this winter exhibition. Lovingly remodeled scenes from the film, original costumes and multimedial enactments convey the magic spirit of the film. At the end of the walk, the castle kitchen offers tempting coffee and cake. And there are nice little items for old and young to be purchased from the museum shop.

This year again, the Moritzburg Castle will turn into this magnificent fairy-tale backdrop. From November on, some sectrets and yet undisclosed background stories to the film and the fairy tale will be unveiled. More 600,000 visitors so far have allowed to be carried away by the fairy-tale enactments. Take your chance to walk in the tracks of the cheeky fairy-tale princess.

The movie »Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella«

»The cheeks are soiled, but it’s not the chimney sweep. A little cap with feathers, the crossbow over the shoulder, but it’s not a huntsman. A silver-woven dress with a train for the ball, but it isn’t a princess.« These three riddles are to be solved by a young prince before he can embrace the chosen bride. Three – the magic number in all fairy tales, and with Cinderella, too, the key for happiness is hidden behind three transformations.

The first encounter with the prince

Freely told after the fairy tale of Cinderella by the author of the script, František Pavlíček, it is the story of orphaned Cinderella living with her stepmother and her daughter Dora at their manor.

While the stepmother and her servants expect the king, who is looking for a brief for the prince, Cinderella rides off to the forest. There, she encounters the prince and his friends for the first time.

At the ball

As in the original fairy tale, the king holds a ball to which also the stepmother and Dora are invited. In excitement, the two busily prepare everything and send out their servant Vincek to buy nobly fabrics. He brings back to  Cinderella »what appears in front of his nose«: a twig with three hazelnuts.

The magic force of the hazelnuts

In the attic – Cinderella’s hideaway – she finds out about the magic poers of the hazelnuts.

The first nut conceals hunters’ wear. Dressed up as a huntsman, she encounters the prince’s hunting party and is elected the champion shot. The second nut reveals a a ball dress in which she sneaks off to the king’s ball. Enchanted by the beauty of the girl, the prince asks her for her hand. But, before that, the prince is to solve the three riddles.

The riddle remains unsolved at first, and Cinderella leaves the ball. Thereby, she loses her shoe, which the prince finds. He vows to take the girl as his bride whose foot fits the shoe, and follows Cinderella to the manor.

The search for the bride

Dressed up in Cinderella’s ball dress , Dora appears, but does not want to try on the shoe. Outraged, the stepmother and Dora escape, the prince follows them and discovers the hoax. Discouraged, the prince returns to the manor.

And they lived happily ever after ...

There, Cinderella is waiting already dressed in a wedding dress – the last secret of the hazelnuts. But the prince also solves the three riddles and receives the hand of the heroine.